Optimizing soil moisture for plant production: The significance of soil porosity

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Rome, Italy: UN-FAO

This publication discusses the processes above, within and below the soil that enable water to move and crops to grow, and is intended to help land users make better use and take better care of these basic resources. The document will contribute to raising awareness of possibilities for better use of rainwater and improved management of soils. It will be useful to anyone concerned with maintaining and improving the productivity, quality and health of land, including farmers, advisory staff, trainers and their students, as well as technical decision-makers in governmental and non-governmental agencies. It should also encourage multidisciplinary approaches and dialogue among stakeholders of different backgrounds.

Soil degradation, Soil conservation, Soil management, Soil, Conservation tillage, Agriculture, Soil moisture, Plant production, Soil porosity, Field Scale
FAO Soils Bulletin 79