How to set up an Innovation Platform. A concept guide for the Sub-Saharan Africa Challenge Program (SSA CP)

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Accra, Ghana: Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

An innovation’s long-term success depends on the participation of actors from all stages of the innovation process and market chain. Innovation Platforms (IPs) provide a forum for this interaction. An IP is defined as any forum where players of a commodity chain collaborate with the purpose of identifying problems, seeking solutions, and fostering agricultural innovation. This resource describes the types of IPs and provides an overview of the steps for establishing a functional and successful IP. A distinction between strategic and grassroots IPs is established: The former consists of business leaders, end users, and various agencies, while grassroots IPs are less formal, composing a grassroots level alliance. Nine steps are laid out for establishment of an IP, from choosing a location to a re-assessment of priorities.

Participatory processes, Stakeholders, Adoption of innovations, Innovation platforms, Agricultural research and development, Multi-stakeholder model, Commodity chain, Governance