Indexing Large Collections of Small Text Records for Ranked Retrieval

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The MARIAN online public access catalog system at Virginia Tech has been developed to apply advanced information retrieval methods and object-oriented technology to the needs of library patrons. We give a description of our data model, design, processing, data representations, and retrieval operation. By identifying objects of interest during the indexing process, storing them according to our "information graph" model, and applying weighting schemes that seem appropriate for this large collection of small text records, we hope to better serve user needs. Since every text word is important in this domain, we employ opportunistic matching algorithms and a mix of data structures to support searching, that will give good performance for a large campus community, even though MARIAN runs on a distributed collection of small workstations. An initial small experiment indicates that our new ad hoc weighting scheme is more effective than a more standard approach.

Indexing, Collection management, Ranked retrieval, Small text records
France, Robert K. and Edward A. Fox. "Indexing Large Collections of Small Text Records for Ranked Retrieval." Internal Report, Virginia Tech, 1993.