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Digital Library and Archives at Virginia Tech's University Libraries

Online access to information increasingly spans the gap between traditional and innovative resources that are the Digital Library and Archives. Changing our name from Scholarly Communications Project was not too difficult and with excellent students we were able to unify the department's Web presence with a new department logo and uniform footers. This year we increased the number of Web sites hosting information; the usability of several DLA systems such as the IAWA Biographic Database; ETD processing, the VT ImageBase; and survey data gathering and results displays;. One huge advantage of the survey system is that it continually gathers data and tabulates results as each survey is completed, providing immediate feed-back. This would be particularly invaluable if there was more time and staff to implement what we learn from DLA clients! Among our major acquisitions was the Judge William M. Harris Collection of correspondence, poetry, and maps; the Peacock-Harper Culinary Collection; and new additions to the International Archive of Women in Architecture.