Evaluation and Development of a University Visitor Parking Management Framework


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Virginia Tech. Virginia Tech Transportation Institute


Visitors constitute an important component of a university business. Given that visitors are typically unfamiliar with university campus layouts, special assistance may be needed to assist them with their parking needs. For example, personal and follow-up interviews conducted with Virginia Tech visitors revealed that approximately 28% of the visitors did not know the location of the most convenient parking lot to access their destination and approximately 32% of the visitors had to visit at least two parking lots before finding a parking space. This paper attempts to develop a simple web-based interactive parking management framework that uses the PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) and My Structured Query Language (MySQL) platform. This framework identifies the best possible parking lot(s) for a selected destination considering various factors including "the distance of the parking lot to the visitors" destination and historical occupancy of the parking lot at specific times-of-the-day and days-of-the-week. The web-based interactive system is designed to provide the visitor with two or more choices for parking that meet the visitors search criteria.



Universities and colleges, Campus parking, Database management systems, Parking guidance systems, Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), Universities and colleges, Campus parking, Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), Parking, Management systems


Gurram, S., & Rakha, H. A. (2010). Evaluation and development of a university visitor parking management framework. (0092-12-11). Blacksburg, VA: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Retrieved from http://ntl.bts.gov/lib/47000/47000/47022/VT-2008-06.pdf.