The gender of space

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In this article the author emphasizes on the symbolic gender of space and their behavioral consequences. The author, a cultural anthropologist, preferred to use gender of space because her understanding was that gender and space or gendered space actually focuses on the gender roles of men and women. The gender of space is a product of symbol where there are no real people or biology. However, everything in this nature and everyday life such as mountains, valleys, fields, interior spaces or sacrificial places are the space with symbolic gender which is called "genderization". In the traditional concept of gendered space or gender and space does not include a systematic differentiation with respect to the cultural relevance. The author argues the most important three differentiations are imagery, iconography and choreography. In the study area Andes, almost everything is genderized such as time, landscape, agricultural fields, village, house, office space, churches. These are mainly relevant in everyday behavior which is normative and in religious ritual.

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Women, Gender, Men, Gendered space, Gender of space, Gender and space, Genderization, Culture
Philosophy & Geography 6(2): 189-211