Economic potential of greenhouse gas emission reductions: Comparative role for soil sequestration in agriculture and forestry

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This paper examines the relative contribution of AF activities in an emission reduction program, focusing in part on the relative desirability of sequestration in forests and agricultural soils. The analysis will consider the effects of competition for land and other resources between AF activities and traditional production. In addition, analysis is done on the influence of saturation and volatility.

Carbon sequestration, Environmental impacts, Biomass energy, Afforestation, Government policy, Land use management, Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock management, Economic impacts, Fertilization, Greenhouse gases (GHGs), Emissions, Mitigation strategy, Af sector modeling, Abatement costs, Land conversion, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale
Paper presented at the First Department of Energy National Conference on Carbon Sequestration, Washington, D.C., 14-17 May 2001