CESCA Newsletter : May 2010

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Virginia Tech. Center for Embedded Systems for Critical Applications

The Center for Embedded Systems for Critical Applications (CESCA) held its annual workshop titled “CESCA Day” at the Owens Banquet Hall in Blacksburg, Va., on May 6, 2010! Events included keynote, tutorials, poster sessions, and a student panel. A post workshop anonymous survey filled out online by CESCA students showed that the workshop was considered extremely favorably by students. Details on this successful CESCA Day are included in this newsletter. CESCA continues to attract research funding. During the spring semester, several new projects were awarded. The product of CESCA’s research in terms of publications continues to be strong. One paper won the best paper award! Several students graduated over the past few months. This issue of the CESCA newsletter will feature the inaugural CESCA Day, the new projects awarded, the best paper award, as well as describing other activities.