Annville Institute/Jackson County Ministries campus and campground conceptual master plan

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Virginia Tech. Community Design Assistance Center

Annville Institute is located in Annville, a small town of about 1,100 residents in Jackson County, Kentucky. The Annville Institute property is located in the southern portion of the county near the intersection of highways 3630 and 290. It is located on a campus that has been designated as a historical site on the National Register and is now home to many non-profit organizations. The campus contains about 120 acres of land and occasionally is the scene for community events such as carnivals, weddings, car shows, and competitive trail rides.

Annville Institute requested that the Community Design Assistance Center (CDAC) develop a conceptual master plan for their property that includes an outdoor classroom, amphitheater, wedding venue, primitive camping area, archery range, and walking trail to connect the various parts of the campus. They also requested a proposal for improved signage within the campus and a master planting plan for the property. The site currently houses an equestrian center and several beehives so it was requested that particular consideration be given to plants that are beneficial to bees yet non-toxic to horses. The details of these design considerations are discussed in more detail in the following pages.

Throughout the design process, the Annville Institute Project Team, which consisted of the CDAC design team and representatives from both the Kentucky Division of Forestry and Annville Institute, worked collaboratively to develop a conceptual plan for the campus. This report documents the design process and describes the final concept that was developed.

Historic sites -- Kentucky -- Jackson County -- Designs and plans., Religious camps -- Kentucky -- Jackson County -- Designs and plans., Nonprofit organizations -- Kentucky -- Jackson County -- Designs and plans., Annville (Ky.) -- Designs and plans., Jackson County (Ky.) -- Designs and plans.