Conservation agriculture in Europe: An approach to sustainable crop production by protecting soil and water?

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Bracknell, UK: Soil and Water Protection in Europe (SOWAP)

Does Conservation Agriculture have the potential to protect soil and water while enhancing crop production and encouraging biodiversity in Europe?

The aim of this review is to present the current knowledge and practical experiences of Conservation Agriculture, and allow the reader to assess whether, in the context of the evolving EU legislative framework to protect soil and water, Conservation Agriculture is an approach which should be encouraged.

There are two parts to this book. The earlier sections present experiences of Conservation Agriculture worldwide and the context for any wider implementation in Europe. These are followed by a general guide to the practical introduction of its methods across the range of European cropping systems and the implications for biodiversity.

Soil conservation, Conservation agriculture, Farm planning, Soil fertility, Temperate zones, Crop rotations, Minimum soil disturbance, Permanent plant cover, Grasslands, Field vegetables, Field Scale