Human Effects Upon Revolutionary Processes in the Biosphere

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National Academy of Sciences

Persuasive evidence indicates that the biosphere is experiencing a major biotic crisis and even if humankind ceases stress on natural systems, the crisis will most likely disrupt or alter the surviving ecosystems. The new altered biosphere will be difficult to understand and adapt to within the next five to ten generations. Extinction is a continual process; however, at great intervals, a mass extinction occurs and new species will replace most of the extinct species. The global problems caused by altered climate and other man made problems can only be successfully solved by a civil discourse and a commitment to a common goal by all, or a large majority of, the world s sovereign nations. The only hope for humankind to resolve the dangerous global crises it now faces is through rapid social evolution. It is possible to delay the onset of a major extinction of species by nurturing and protecting the present biosphere. If the present biosphere is not saved, the new altered biosphere may or may not be a suitable habitat for Homo sapiens.

climate change, global warming, extinction, habitats, evolution