Gender in crop agriculture

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Washington, D.C.: The World Bank Group


This is a module in the "Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook" published by the World Bank, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and International Fund for Agricultural Development. This module examines the role of gender in crop agriculture as an essential component of development and poverty reduction. Gender is an integral aspect of crop agriculture because women's roles in crop production and household subsistence, as well as their knowledge of complex production systems are often unrecognized. Differences between women and men exist in terms of the types and management of crops, knowledge, and access to information and markets. These issues are expanded upon in the following Thematic Notes: Gender and Soil Productivity Management; Gender in Seed Production and Distribution; and Gender and Crop Protection.


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Women, Livelihoods, Food security, Soil, Markets, Gender, Sustainable agriculture, Subsistence production, Agriculture, Seeds, Crop protection