Comunidades forestales en México: Resultados preliminares de nuestra encuesta nacional

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Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


This presentation summarizes the results of SANREM's national survey of community forests in Mexico. In addition to the presentation listed below, this was also presented at the meeting of the Comisión Nacional Forestal (CONAFOR) Program of Community Forest Development and the World Bank Division of Environment and Development in May 2007, at the National Congress of Botany (September 2007), and at the Congress of the Mexican Association for Rural Studies (October 2007).



Community-based organizations, Community institutions, Forestry, Institución de comunidad, Manejo forestal, Governance


Presented at the launching of the book Los Bosques Comunitarios de México: Manejo para Paisajes Sostenibles, by D. Bray, L. Merino, and D. Barry at the World Bank offices, Division of Environment and Development, Mexico City, Mexico, 9 May 2007