30 Years – 20 State DOTs: Trends in Pavement Management observed through real world Implementation at the State DOT Level

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Since the first International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets 30 years ago in 1985, there has been continuous enhancement and evolution of pavement management system (PMS) technology to produce more effective recommendations coming out of an agency's PMS. Improvements in data collection, performance measures, deterioration modeling, dynamic segmentation, treatment algorithms, triggering mechanisms and optimization technologies have led to significant improvements in PMS strategy recommendations as well as the acceptance of those recommendations in both centralized and de-centralized State Departments of Transportation (DOT). Significant efforts have also been invested in methodologies and technologies to integrate PMS into an overall asset management system (AMS) at the State DOT level utilizing cross asset optimization technologies. This paper will examine the evolution of pavement management from the desktop environment to today's enterprise pavement management systems within 20 State DOTs that use a common software platform and present significant changes in pavement management methodologies that lead to increased use and acceptance of the PMS recommendations and adoption within the agency. It will also examine current trends that will impact the systems of tomorrow including integration with other decision making tools, capturing field data, and alternative approaches to optimization.

Zavitski, J. L., & Piane, R. R. (2015, June). 30 years - 20 state dots: Trends in pavement management observed through real world implementation at the state DOT level. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets, Alexandria, VA. Presentation retrieved from www.apps.vtti.vt.edu/PDFs/icmpa9/session2/Zavitski_Piane.pdf