Effect of tillage, cropping, and fertilizer management on soil nitrogen mineralization potential

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Madison, WI: Soil Science Society of America

This article compares the nitrogen mineralization potential (N) of soils under three tillage treatments (moldboard plowing, chisel plowing, and no-till) and several different crop rotations. The moldboard plow treatment had uniform N mineralization (N) potential 0-15 cm; chisel and no-till had higher N 0-5 cm depth and lower N at 5-10 cm and 10-15 cm depth. All treatments had higher N in the fall than in the spring, but there were no significant differences between tillage methods. Chisel plowing and no-till had significantly higher N than moldboard plowing in the spring sampling.

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Conservation agriculture, Soil nutrients, Green manure crops, Soil, Conservation tillage, Fertilization, No-till, Moldboard plow, Chisel plow, Crop rotations, Field Scale
Soil Science Society of America Journal 47(6): 1157-1161