Governor's nutrition and physical activity scorecard

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Virginia. Governor's Office.

Research-based “best practices” that support proper nutrition and increased physical activity for K-12 students form the basis of a Web-based Governor’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Scorecard. Schools are encouraged to use the Web-based scorecard as a tool for identifying best practices and measuring progress towards meeting the nutrition and physical activity needs of students. The best practices and policies recommended by Virginia Action for Healthy Kids, national and state organizations, and the Joint Committee of the Board of Education and Board of Health are incorporated into the scorecard. A point system has been created to evaluate and recognize school-based efforts. A tiered recognition program has been developed (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) that rewards schools based on the best practices implemented. The Governor’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Scorecard is an incentive program intended to drive best practices and policy changes at the school and division levels, enhance student health, and improve academic achievement.

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Public schools- Ratings and rankings, Virginia, Physical education for children, Physical education for youth, Children- Nutrition