Preserving historical maps of Blacksburg, VA helps to focus archeological studies of Solitude

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Virginia Tech

By comparing historical maps to our current landscapes we can find historical buildings forgotten to time as a means of discovering and learning about our pasts. Unfortunately, we cannot reflect on our past without taking steps towards its preservation. As the Sesquicentennial of Virginia Tech approaches, research focusing on Virginia Tech’s history has become of particular interest. There is now interest in conducting Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) around the old Solitude building to uncover potential artifacts. To assist this research a site evaluation was done to identify potential scan sites; Historical maps of Virginia Tech were digitized and referenced to help identify landmarks of interest and utilities data from the university was mapped to help avoid obstructions. This poster will demonstrate the importance of mapping, data preservation, and the value of historical resources, as they pertain to the preparation of an archeological study of the historical farm around Solitude.