Seeds : Newsletter for Alumni of the Department of Horticulture at Virginia Tech : 2014


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Virginia Tech. College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Communication and Marketing


Greetings all alumni and friends! I hope you are enjoying all of the horticulture wonders around you this summer. There is always something new in the horticulture world to be savored, be it a fresh picked tomato from your garden, the glory of a owering plant, or just the wonderful progression of our seasons. As always, it has been a very busy year around Saunders Hall and our family is growing! We have just welcomed 21 new B.S. graduates in our spring ceremony. Coupled with seven in the fall ceremony, we have 28 from this past academic year. Colleen Beard, an environmental horticulture major, was chosen to be our outstanding senior for the academic year. In addition, we are proud to have three new M.S. and ve new Ph.D. graduates over this past year.