Stakeholder networks: Improving seasonal climate forecasts

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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers


To be diffused, scientific innovations need to reach a wide audience through diverse networks. This paper details how seasonal climate forecasts are spread through networks of stakeholders. In Lesotho, Stakeholder Thematic Networks are being used to investigate how how forecasts are disseminated. Sub-networks, those that are not used to climate dissemination, can also be used to start disseminating information rather than establishing new networks. Using these sub-networks, information relating to climate variability can be mainstreamed into existing development pathways. These pathways are critical to diffusing information relating to climate change to better improve climate change adaption.


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Environmental impacts, Conservation strategy, Stakeholder thematic networks, STNS, Climate forecasts, Lesotho, Governance


Climate Change 65(1-2): 73-101