Agricultural economy of an upland community: Twelve-year (1994-2006) trend in Bukidnon, Philippines

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Laguna, Philippines: University of the Philippines Los Baños

This paper chronicles the trends in the indicators of the agricultural economy in the upland community of Lantapan, Bukidnon, which was the site of a long term study investigating agricultural sustainability. Collection of the panel data started in 1994; the latest data set collected refers to 2006. From 1994 to 2002, the focus of the surveys was to understand the environmental effect of economic policies. The 2006 survey aimed at further monitoring these impacts especially from a climate vulnerability perspective. The crop year 2006 was characterized as a La Nina period in the Philippines.

Economic policy, Environmental impacts, Sustainable agriculture, Commodity crops, Coffee, Bananas, Vegetables, Sustainable cropping systems, Vegetable production, Corn, La nina
ISPPS Working Paper 07-04