Adapting to change in the Andean Highlands: Practices and strategies to address climate and market risks in vulnerable agro-ecosystems

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The project is a research and development collaboration between rural communities in the Altiplano and high valleys of Bolivia and Peru, universities and non governmental organizations in the region and the US, and institutions that formulate policy. It will strengthen the capacity of these communities and institutions to conduct research and to develop strategies to adapt to change, to reduce vulnerability and enhance biodiversity of their agro-ecosystems. Our Goal is to achieve food security and biodiversity in vulnerable rural communities of Andean Agro-ecosystems by building capacities and capabilities to adapt to change. This project develops knowledge, practices and strategies to build resilient livelihoods and ecosystems, in response to changes in climate, markets and socio-political conditions.


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Rural development, Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Biodiversity, Livelihoods, Agriculture, Food security, Markets, Vulnerability and risk, Universities, Agricultural ecosystems, Ecoagriculture, Agroecosystems, Andes, Climate, Altiplano, Resilience, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance


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