Gender equity: Integration, coordination, resources, and support for gender research

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Blacksburg, VA: SANREM CRSP, OIRED, Virginia Tech

The presentation outlines the importance of gendered knowledge and women's involvement in all SANREM CRSP research activities. By including women in SANREM research, scientists will have a more balanced outlook on the results because farm tasks are gendered and affect women and men differently. Women conduct 70-80% of the farming in the developing world and therefore, the education and empowerment of women is essential for economic growth. This presentation offers information about the difference between sex and gender, the social limitations of women and how to overcome them as researchers, the workload and participation of women, and the importance of gender sensitivity in SANREM CRSP surveys and other research.

Adult education, Social learning, Social capital, Women, Institutional capacity building, Gender, Empowerment, Equity, Gendered tasks, Gendered space, Gender coordinator, Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance
Presented at the 2010 SANREM CRSP Kick-Off/Annual Meeting, Virginia Tech, Blackburg, VA 5 May 2010