The pesticide hazard: A global health and environmental audit

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London, UK: Zed Books

In this book the author discusses the hazards associated with pesticide use, and what progress has been made concerning human safety and the effect on the environment since the introduction of regulatory laws placed on pesticides since the 1980s. If more stringent disclosure requirements and controls were placed on the trade of severely restricted or banned pesticides, it is unclear if it would be effective in reducing the threat posed by powerful argo-chemicals to the Global South. This book suggests that the focus of research and financial resources should be switched from "safe use" procedures to environmentally-friendly methods to ensure the health and environment of both producers and consumers.

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Pest control, Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Imports, Environmental impacts, International trade, Pesticide poisoning, Sustainable agriculture, Health impacts, Health, Exports, FAO, Hazard, European exports, Agrochemicals, Earth summit, Unced, Trade regulations, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale Governance