Porcine DC-SIGN, ICAM-3 and LSECtin and uses thereof

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The present invention relates to the cloning, identification and characterization of the unique and entire genomic sequences encoding new porcine DC-SIGN and LSECtin proteins, including the novel nucleotide sequences of the full-length cDNA and genes of both pDC-SIGN gene and pLSECtin. Also provided are the nucleic acid molecules encoding newly discovered porcine ICAM-3 isoforms from porcine monocyte-derived dendritic cells and the use thereof. Specifically, the invention is drawn to an isolated nucleic acid molecule comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding one or more of porcine DC-SIGN, porcine ICAM-3, porcine LSECtin, a complement of the nucleotide sequence or a functional, defined portion of the nucleotide sequence or a protein fusion product linked to a protein that may be of porcine or human origin. Methods for isolating and cloning the new porcine genes and for using the new nucleotide sequences in improved methods for propagating viruses, particularly enveloped viruses, are additionally described herein. The invention further includes new transfected cells or cell lines that can stably express the porcine proteins, new antibodies and the like.