Microbiological parameters as indicators of soil quality under various soil management and crop rotation systems in southern Brazil

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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Elsevier B.V.


This article attempts to recognize soil parameters that can be used to monitor soil quality under different crop and soil management systems. The rates of CO2 emissions (soil respiration) were affected by variations in the sampling period, as well as in soil management and crop rotation. Considering all samples, CO2 emissions were 21% greater in conventional tillage. Soil microbial biomass was also influenced by sampling period and soil management, but not by crop rotation. The parameters associated with microbiological activity are useful indicators of soil quality in the tropics.


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Carbon sequestration, Conservation agriculture, Soil nutrients, Soil management, Soil fertility, Soil quality, Conservation tillage, Soil organic matter, Southern Brazil, Microbiological parameters, Crop rotations, No-till, Conventional tillage, Soil microbial respiration, Soil microbial biomass, Soil organic matter, Crop rotations, Field Scale


Soil & Tillage Research 92(1-2): 18-29