Predictive Eco-Cruise Control (ECC) System: Model Development, Modeling and Potential Benefits


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United States. Department of Transportation. Research and Innovative Technology Administration


The research develops a reference model of a predictive eco-cruise control (ECC) system that intelligently modulates vehicle speed within a pre-set speed range to minimize vehicle fuel consumption levels using roadway topographic information. The study includes five basic tasks: (a) develop a vehicle powertrain model that can be easily implemented within eco-driving tools, (b) develop a simple fuel consumption model that computes instantaneous vehicle fuel consumption levels based on power exerted, (c) evaluate manual driving and conventional cruise control (CC) driving using field-collected data, (d) develop a predictive ECC system that uses the developed vehicle powertrain and fuel consumption models, and (e) evaluate the potential benefits of the proposed predictive ECC system on a pre-trip and fleet-aggregate basis. This study develops a predictive ECC system that can save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions using road topography information. The performance of the system is tested by simulating a vehicle trip on a section of Interstate 81 in the state of Virginia. The results demonstrate fuel savings of up to 15 percent with execution times within real time. The study found that the implementation of the predictive ECC system could help achieving better fuel economy and air quality.



Cruise control, Fuel consumption, Power trains, Speed control, Air quality management, Automobiles--air quality, Automobiles--fuel consumption, Automobiles--power trains, Air quality, Vehicle design, Emission, Eco-driving, Eco-cruise control, Powertrain modeling


Rakha, H. A., Ahn, K., & Park, S. (2012). Aeris: Eco-driving application development and testing. (FHWA-RD-96-146). Washington, DC: United States. Department of Transportation. Research and Innovative Technology Administration. Retrieved from