Connecting the Opens: Open Access, Open Education, Open Data

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Virginia Tech. University Libraries


Open practices represent opportunities to align scholarly and instructional processes with scholarly ideals, ethical stances, real work impacts, and aspirations for a more just and equitable world. There are many types of “open.” The three we will discuss, open access, open education, and open data practices may appear distinct and siloed from each other; This is only a surface-level view. In reality, these open practices areas have tremendous areas of overlap. Their underlying values reflect similar aspirations for the common good, and aims of overcoming some shared problems found in research and instruction in higher education and in society in general.

This panel features students, faculty, and administrators with wide range of expertise in the three areas of open access, open education, and open data. Join us for a stimulating conversation in which we come to understand the differences and similarities between the opens, their purposes, and their potential.

Presenters: Peter Potter, Anita Walz Panelists: Karen DePauw, Rajiv Jhangiani, Philip Young, Jon Petters, Mayra Artiles, Monty Abbas

This event was part of Virginia Tech’s Open Education 2018 Symposium and was attended by many graduate students from Preparing the Future Professoriate.

Video credit: Abram Diaz-Strandberg



Open education, Open data, Open access, Graduate education