Achieving sustainable agriculture through recognizing gender roles: Some salient points

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This paper is about the relation of gender roles and the current situation of agricultural development. Different research evidences show that women are victims of poverty more than men. In the both developing and developed countries women are contributing more in agriculture than men; however, recognition of the role of gender in agricultural development is in the early stage and should be incorporated in research design. Therefore, it is very necessary to acknowledge women's contribution for achieving sustainable agriculture. This paper includes the importance of agriculture for sustainable development, gender differences in agriculture, women's roles and contribution; and gender planning for sustainable agriculture development. In the conclusion the authors discuss issues that include several points regarding time use and the importance of paying attention of full range of activities, work and duties. The authors mention that with focus on gender analysis these issues required further research.


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Sustainable development, Women, Agriculture, Food security, Men, Gender, Poverty, Sustainability, Farming systems, Recognition, Gender roles, Gender differences, Gender planning, Production, Labor, Time spend, Sustainable agriculture, Economic development, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale


Gender, Technology and Development 1(2): 225-245