Development of an assessment process for the evaluation of contractor performance measurement baselines

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Virginia Tech


This report details the work performed on an assessment process for evaluating contractor Performance Measurement Baselines (PMBs). The necessity for this effort is justified because if the contractor does not have a realistic PMB (plan) the contract will not be able to be executed on cost, schedule, or including the necessary technical parameters. Unrealistic baselines have been recognized as a problem by the Department of Defense (DoD) Investigator General, and the need for assessing the baselines was endorsed by a multitude of DoD executives.

Progression from defining the need for the process to actually testing it on actual assessments was performed. In defining the need for the process background was given for why this type of assessment is needed as well as providing specific guidance which had been issued up to and including the time of this project. Definition of the operational requirements for the process was the next task accomplished in the performance of this project.

Once the requirements were defined functional analysis was performed. This analysis allowed for a better understanding of what is involved with the assessment.

Next, an assessment team organization was developed. The project details the individuals involved in the assessment as well as their roles and responsibilities.

The Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M) was used as the prototype. Detailed tasks and their timing were explained in this section of the report.

A specification provides back-up for the process. This specification includes aspects such as operational requirements, the maintenance concept, training concept, and documentation requirements.

Type 4 testing was used (1). This testing required actually testing aspects of the process on assessments. Lessons learned/results were then included in the text of this report.

The project resulted in a very useful process which will be used in my place of employment. Helping with the implementation of the process will be various tools (POA&M, team organization, reports, etc.) which will be provided on software.

This project was very beneficial in allowing me to get a better understanding of the Systems Engineering Process. While this was not a standard physical system the Systems Engineering Process was still applicable.