For Services Rendered: The current status and future potential of markets for the ecosystem services provided by tropical forests

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International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)


This study explains the types of ecosystem markets already in place and their characteristics, before identifying three important strategic issues to be considered in policy-making: the recognition of property rights and development of national legal frameworks, the design of market schemes to provide equal access to low income stakeholders, and the need to reduce transaction costs and financial risks. Finally, the study defines knowledge gaps related to market instruments, legal and regulatory frameworks, practical data on costs, and capacity building.



Rural development, Carbon sequestration, Stakeholders, Deforestation, Income generation, Payments for environmental services, Tropical zones, Non-wood forest products, Environmental services, Markets, Poverty, Reforestation, Sustainable forestry, Biodiversity conservation, Tropical forests, Ecosystem services, Ecosystem markets, Property rights, Legal frameworks, Market schemes, Transaction costs, Market instruments, Financial incentives, Tropical timber, Forest conservation, Watershed protection, Low-income producers


ITTO Technical Series No 21