Chitosan: An Antimicrobial Polymer

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Virginia Tech Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Antibiotic resistant infections are a rising problem in the United States and globally. These infections are listed as a top concern by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as by the World Health Organization. Antibiotic resistance is a phenomenon where microorganisms acquire or innately possess resistance to antimicrobial agents. Antibiotic resistant infections significantly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment causing patients to remain infectious longer and increasing the risk of spreading the resistant microorganisms. Antibiotic resistant infections are incredibly detrimental to society and are threatening many of the medical advances made in the past century.

Materials Science, Antimicrobial Polymer
Venkatraman, P., 2015. Chitosan: An Antimicrobial Polymer. Journal of Undergraduate Materials Research, 5. DOI: