Agroforestry opportunities and constraints in the Água de Gato Watershed, Santiago, Cape Verde Islands

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Virginia Tech


The objectives of this study were to determine the opportunities, constraints, and willingness of the inhabitants and non-resident landowners to adopt a new land-use system in the Agua de Gato Watershed, to determine the degree of agroforestry technical support available to farmers in the watershed, and to determine suitable agroforestry systems which can be adapted to the watershed according to its biological and physical conditions.

A random group of farmers of the Agua de Gato Watershed and a group of technicians working on the island of Santiago were interviewed in order to get individual and general information about the farms the and practice of agroforestry in the watershed. Only 56% of the technicians knew or had some knowledge about agroforestry, and the farmers think that they do not have enough technical support for better development of agriculture in the watershed. Although most of the farmers had a small piece of land, averaging 1.1 ha, most of them, 92%, were willing to adopt an agroforestry system as a new land use system for their farms.



Cape Verde Islands, extension, agroforestry, social forestry, land uses