3D Pavement Surface Macrotexture: Measurements And Friction Relationships

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Pavement macrotexture is typically reported as mean profile depth over a standard base length. Recently, a new measurement method based on photometric stereo system was introduced. The method requires a minimum of three images of the surface that are illuminated from different directions and isolated from ambient lighting. The variation in intensity of the lighting is used to recover the 3D pavement surface. This paper discusses applications of the photometric stereo system as a new non-contact texture measurement method. The 3D pavement surface is analyzed in space and frequency domains. In frequency domain, the power spectrum energy which reflects the wavelength content of the surface model is introduced as an indicator of surface evenness. The relationship between friction and the 3D texture indicators is examined. The research shows that the texture indicators computed from the recovered surface provide new substantial information on the quality and condition of the riding surface.



Pavement macrotexture, Photometric stereo systems