Leveraging Open Practices in Scholarship & Teaching in International Liberal Arts Education: What Does Success Look Like?

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Open Access. Open educational resources. Open pedagogy. Beyond access and direct-cost reduction to readers, open educational practices — when deeply understood and thoughtfully implemented — have the potential to transform higher education and to reconnect us to our liberal arts roots. You may already be involved in leveraging such practices.

This scholar/practitioner-led keynote invites you to come further and deeper into a rich conversation about open practices, what they are, how they are connected and what values drive them with the aim of developing a vision for why they matter to international American-style liberal arts education. We will explore transformative possibilities for higher education, values which underlie open educational practices, and a series of case examples of various scales which demonstrate the power of open practices for advancing scholarly disciplines, addressing pedagogical issues, amplifying student voices, extending opportunities for others, and working together on high impact projects.

A video recording of the keynote is available here.



open educational resources, openness, open access, liberal arts, freedom, transformative possibilities