Philippine development strategies, price policies and national markets: Growth, policies and upland resource use

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Los Baños, Philippines: Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development


In the rest of the paper we focus on a case study from the SANREM study site in Lantapan, Bukidnon. We first provide a brief survey of major macroeconomic and policy trends in the Philippines and their possible effects on resource use decisions in an upland watershed like Lantapan. While we have information about macroeconomic and economy-wide phenomena, and about upland farmers' decision-making processes, we know little about the nature and strength of market links between the two. Accordingly, we then use econometric analysis to examine linkages between national and farm-gate prices on the basis of data collected in Lantapan over the period 1994-1999.



Economic growth, Deforestation, Local markets, Economic analyses, Soil erosion, Land use management, Natural resource management, Macroeconomic trends, Policy trends, Economic analyses, Market integration, Commodity market development, Soil quality preservation, Market-driven incentives, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance Watershed