Consensus Head Acceleration Measurement Practices (CHAMP): Study Design and Statistical Analysis


Head impact measurement devices enable opportunities to collect impact data directly from humans to study topics like concussion biomechanics, head impact exposure and its effects, and concussion risk reduction techniques in sports when paired with other relevant data. With recent advances in head impact measurement devices and cost-effective price points, more and more investigators are using them to study brain health questions. However, as the field's literature grows, the variance in study quality is apparent. This brief paper aims to provide a high-level set of key considerations for the design and analysis of head impact measurement studies that can help avoid flaws introduced by sampling biases, false data, missing data, and confounding factors. We discuss key points through four overarching themes: study design, operational management, data quality, and data analysis.



Head impact measurement devices, Head impact sensors, Head acceleration, Sports, Biomechanics, Concussion, Head impact exposure