Catalyzing coastal management in Kenya and Zanzibar: Building capacity and commitment

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London, UK: Taylor & Francis Ltd.


Site-based projects were initiated in Chawka Bay-Paje, Zanzibar, and Nyali-Bamburi-Shanzu, Kenya, to demonstrate the benefits of an integrated coastal management (ICM) approach for addressing coastal issues such as tourism development and enhancement of resource-dependent village economies in eastern Africa. A two-year, multidonor project used three primary strategies to make rapid, but sustainable, progress toward ICM. These included using interagency government teams for ICM planning, adopting an internationally recognized framework for ICM as a project "road map," and explicitly incorporating capacity-building strategies into all aspects of the project. Within two years, integrated ICM action strategies, prepared through participatory processes, were being implemented at both sites, and both teams were working to expand the scale and scope of ICM in their nation. More importantly, the project helped create committed, capable, interagency groups that continue to work together to address urgent ICM issues.


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Ecosystem management, Ecosystem, Marine aquaculture, Aquatic ecosystems, Sustainable development, Environmental impacts, Institutional capacity building, Conservation, Sustainability, Natural resource management, Aquaculture, Capacity building, Coastal management, East africa, Icm (integrated coastal management), Policy, Kenya, Zanzibar, Ecosystem Governance Watershed


Coastal Management 28(1): 75-85