Defining a decision support system to model a conflict scenario

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Virginia Tech


With the constantly changing world situation we live in today, the traditional method of military planning must evolve into a more dynamic form. Traditional methods can be time consuming and are applicable in less integrated methodologies. Recent occurrences in the world political state shows the need for a model for dynamic planning of the approach for warfighting, procurement and long range planning.

The Battle Management tool is developed to include a top level structure of the scenario of interest. An approach is taken to aggregately model many of the changes that can occur before, during and after some military conflict. The format of the model is aggregate and describes major elements including military, political, economic and support elements systems with resource levels.

The system is in the form of a causal diagram includes methods to model and evaluate the transient values of elements of the system and provide insight into the dynamics of these elements.

The application of data to the model in some exemplar analysis with many potential relationships of the integrated military scenario, the effects of a economic investment decisions in a crisis state can dramatically effect other sometimes unconsidered elements of the overall system. Elements of the more broadly defined system show some effects to the capabilities of forces and decision maker’s options that were not previously expected.