Multicomponent mass transport in aqueous and membrane systems


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Water Resources Research Center, Virginia Polytechnic Institute


Project Objectives

The basic objective of this study has been to develop and critically test models for multicomponent mass transport in aqueous and membrane systems. More specifically, this basic aim has been pursued through the following set of sub-objectives:

  1. Selecting a set of aqueous systems for detailed study followed by a comprehensive literature review to collect all pertinent data for the selected systems.
  2. Measuring multicomponent mass transport data in a selected system over a wide range of compositions.
  3. Developing a general mathematical model for multicomponent mass transport
  4. Obtaining optimum parameters for the mass transport models developed in (3).
  5. Determining whether the effective water of hydration of solutes in aqueous solutions can be reasonably determined as that value giving the best fit of the experimental transport data.