Combating nutrient depletion in East Africa--the work of the SWNM program

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Academy Science Publishers (ASP), A Division of the African Academy of Sciences (AAS)


A workshop was held 11-16 February 1996 at CMRT, Egerton University to launch the Combating Nutrient Depletion (CND) theme of the Soil, Water, and Nutrient Management Program (SWNMP) of the CGIAR. The meeting at Egerton, convened by Tropical Soil Biology and Fertility Programme (TSBF), brought together partners from national institutions of the countries participating in the African Highlands Program, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, and Uganda as well as international centers collaborating in the region, and expertise from outside the region. The project is a joint action of the African Highlands Initiative (AHI) and the Soil Water and Nutrient Management Programme (SWNMP) of the CGIAR. The project is implemented by a consortium of national, regional and international agencies with a wide range of expertise and experience in nutrient management research, farmer participatory research, agricultural problem-solving and development actions. The project is co-ordinated by TSBF on behalf of the SWNMP and represented within AHI through the technical support group.


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Participatory processes, Humid zones, Soil nutrients, Soil degradation, Soil erosion, Soil management, Government policy, Subhumid zones, Soil fertility, Food security, Nutrient management, SWNMP, Cnd, Cgiar, Ahi, Integrated nutrient management, Nutrient access, Ecosystem