Adapting to climate change in Andean ecosystems: Landscapes, capitals, and perceptions shaping rural livelihood strategies and linking knowledge systems

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In the Bolivian Altiplano, indigenous systems for dealing with weather and climate risk are failing or being lost as a result of migration, climate change, and market integration. Andean rural communities are particularly vulnerable to changing social and environmental conditions. Changing climate over the past forty years and current forecast models point to increasing temperatures and later onset of rains during the growing season. Current meteorological models are coarse grained and not well suited to the complex topology of the Andes -- so local-scale information is required for decisions. This article outlines a process for developing new local knowledge that can be used to enhance adaptive processes. (Excerpt from abstract)


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Local knowledge, Livelihoods, Capitals, Advocacy coalition framework, Adaptation, Climate change, Knowledge systems, Mapping, Andean ecosystem, Landscapes, Perceptions, Rural livelihood strategies, Ecosystem


Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Special Issue on Climate Change 100(4): 1-17