Marketing of vegetable under agroforestry (VAF) system in Indonesia: Understanding the market demand

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Bogor, Indonesia: World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) and Winrock International


The common problems faced by the small-scale farmers are lack of market information, remote location and poor accessibility to production resources. To enter in a competitive market, the farmers have to hold reliable market information to minimize their risk. Obtaining good market information will guide farmers to make decisions on what vegetable to produce when, where and how to sell the VAF products. The presentation discussed selection of existing VAF products in Nanggung, results of RMA survey, progress on development of Nanggung agro-enterprise, problems and opportunities in developing VAF. The RMA survey recommended that Katuk (Sauropus androgynus) and Kucai (Allium odorum) be developed as marketable vegetables. These vegetables require low capital investment, can be grow under shade (20-25% for Katuk), promise good return for the farmers, have good and stable market demand, and high and stable price for the last 12 months. There is also economic opportunity for women groups to earn US$ 2 per day in sorting, grading and packing Katuk and Kucai. As follow up, the project has distributed 60,000 Katuk seedlings (cutting stem) and about 150 kg of Kucai seeds to farmer partners to be planted in 5000 m2. In developing VAF, the farmers have to overcome the constraints related to technical farming, capital and strengthening the farmer group. There is opportunity to supply Katuk leaves to medical factory about 3 tons of Katuk/week.



Market supply, Local markets, Market demand, Women, Gender, Men, Agroforestry, Marketing, Katuk, Kucai, Agroforestry, RMA


Presented at SANREM EEP Meeting, IPB Campus,Bogor, Indonesia, 29 May 2008