Resource use conflicts: The future of the Kalahari ecosystem

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London/New York: Academic Press


The Kalahari ecosystem is characterized by natural resource conflicts and land-use pressure resulting from intensification of human activities. This paper addresses three issues of concern associated with the Kalahari ecosystem resource management: (i) the major land-use/land cover shifts in the Kalahari ecosystem since 1970 and the resulting pattern in vegetation species composition, cover and density; (ii) the possible explanations for the observed shifts; and (iii) the possible resource conflicts likely to arise.


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Ecosystem management, Semiarid zones, Planning, Land use planning, Environmental impacts, Conflict, Land use management, Conservation, Habitat destruction, Natural resource management, Kalahari ecosystem, Land-use/cover, Resource use conflict, Matsheng, Anthropogenic activities, Biosphere conservation areas, Resource zoning, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale


Journal of Arid Environments 54(2): 405-423