Gender and agricultural markets

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Washington, DC: The World Bank Group


This is a module in the "Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook" published by the World Bank, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, and International Fund for Agricultural Development. This module examines the traditional division of labor within agricultural markets, where women farmers are primarily responsible for subsistence and household crop production while male farmers dominate the commercial sector. Challenging these gendered roles by increasing women farmers' access to resources and market opportunities has strong positive effects on household food security, health, and education. Also, the formation of women's groups helps women become active in decision making processes, but larger policies and provisions are often necessary to support them and help them maintain control over important economic assets. These issues are expanded upon in the following Thematic Notes: Strengthening the Business Environment; Capacity Development for Small-Scale Women Entrepreneurs; Collective Action and Market Linkages; and Supporting Agricultural Value-Adding Strategies. Specific cases from Bangladesh and Andhra Pradesh, India are also examined.


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Women, Institutional capacity building, Markets, Gender, Economic impacts, Extension service, Collective action, Agriculture, Gendered networks, Value chains, Governance