Stewardship Plan for Virginia Tech's Old-Growth Forest near Lane Stadium

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Virginia Tech

The Stewardship Plan for Virginia Tech’s Old-Growth near Lane Stadium is a thorough compilation of essential tasks and prioritized recommendations for the protection and posterity of the urban old-growth forest patch, known unofficially as Stadium Woods. This Forest Stewardship Plan includes executive oversight input from a joint venture between Virginia Tech’s Vice President of Administration and the College of Natural Resources and Environment’s Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation. Using the initial findings of the ad hoc Athletic Practice Facility Site Evaluation Committee, this Forest Stewardship Plan provides recommendations to sustain Stadium Woods as a multifunctional, interconnected, and integrated forest that functions as a green infrastructure facility for Virginia Tech and the Town of Blacksburg. This Forest Stewardship Plan is effective in minimizing human impacts and maintaining the forest’s functionality as a high quality ecosystem that provides maximum benefits while incurring minimum costs over time.

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