In-depth Analysis of Crash Risk Associated with Eyes-off-road Duration by Road Control Type and Intersection Type


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National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence


This study quantified the odds ratios (ORs) associated with eyes-off-road (EOR) durations on different road control and intersection types using the Second Strategic Highway Research Program Naturalistic Data Study (SHRP 2 NDS) dataset. The motivation of this project was to provide support for driver state monitoring systems (DMSs) regarding alert timer settings when drivers look away from the road. The main research questions addressed are: (1) Should there be a different DMS alert timer setting on controlled access roads vs. uncontrolled access roads? And (2) Should there be a different alert timer setting on intersections vs. non-intersections? It is not surprising that the longer drivers look away, the higher the resulting ORs.

Overall, this study suggests that different DMS alert timer settings are needed for different road geometrical characteristics. For uncontrolled access roads, a timer with a lower threshold is recommended, and a higher threshold is recommended for controlled access roads. For intersections, a zero tolerance for vision interruption is ideal. But practically, a relative lower threshold is recommended at intersections compared with non-intersection related segments. This finding could provide critical information for advanced driver assistance system development and driver behavior education programs.



eye glance, eyes-off-road, driver warning system, advanced driver assistance systems, driver inattention