Introduction to Biosystems Engineering

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American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) in association with Virginia Tech Publishing, Virginia Tech Libraries


The discipline of Biosystems Engineering emerged in the 1990s from the traditional strongholds of Agricultural and Food Engineering with the goal of advancing engineering solutions toward creating a sustainable world with abundant food, water, and energy, while maintaining a healthy environment. While the discipline has continued to grow, so has the demand for quality educational resources that instructors can use to teach Biosystems Engineering courses. The publication of this book marks an important step in meeting that demand.

Introduction to Biosystems Engineering can be used as a customizable text for university-level introductory courses in Biosystems Engineering. Written by an international team of authors, the book is divided into six sections aligned with technical communities within Biosystems Engineering: Energy Systems; Information Technology, Sensors, and Control Systems; Machinery Systems; Natural Resources and Environmental Systems; Plant, Animal, and Facility Systems; and Processing Systems. Within the sections, individual chapters focus on discrete topics that can be covered in one week of class. Each chapter contains the expected learning outcomes, key concepts, applications of the concepts, and worked examples.

Introduction to Biosystems Engineering is available in print and online. The online version is freely downloadable as a complete work and as individual, stand-alone chapters. In addition, a parallel resource is in development—The Biosystems Engineering Digital Library (BEDL)—which will provide more teaching and learning materials for instructors to use in the classroom ( View the video about these projects.

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A planned successor volume, Introduction to Biosystems Engineering II, is in development, with new chapters being released starting in 2022. To access these chapters go to:

ISBN (PDF): 9781949373974
ISBN (print): 9781949373936
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Energy Systems

Information Technology, Sensors and Control Systems

Machinery Systems

Natural Resources & Environmental Systems

Plant, Animal and Facility Systems

Processing Systems

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Holden, N. M., Wolfe, M. L., Ogejo, J. A., and E. J. Cummins. (2021) Introduction to Biosystems Engineering, ASABE and Virginia Tech Publishing., CC BY 4.0,



Biosystems engineering, Food and Bioprocessing, Environment, Buildings and Infrastructure, Information and Communications Technology and Data, Machinery Systems, Energy