An Exploration Study of Competence-Based Training Needs of Hotel Sales Represent [Summary]

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Virginia Tech


Chinese hotel industry is meeting the challenge from international hotel group. A large quantity of remarkable talents is needed. So what standards should be adopted to train hotel employee, was the focus of every hotel. This article contributes to the literature on the study of training needs in hotel human resource management. It reports on an exploratory study of the work of a sample of hotel sales represents and their training needs. The article aims at explaining the importance of training needs analysis before training and the advantage of using competence-based approach in training needs analysis. To achieve these objects, the study attempts to construct competency model of hotel sales represent by modifying an established model of general administrators. Based on the modified model, a questionnaire was designed to collect data on the importance of training content needed by sales represents and on training method expected by them. The study found that innovation, initiative, serving customer, sales skill, foreign language, basic knowledge of management were the emphasis of training content, and lecture, case study were still adopted by most of sales represents.



hospitality, International Hotel Group, Sales training