The College & Financial Aid Guide for AB540 Undocumented Immigrant Students

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University of Southern California, Center for Higher Education Policy Analysis


It is estimated that every year 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school across the nation , with the majority residing in California. Some students will attend a four-year institution, others will find their way to community college, and most will not pursue college at all because of the financial burden that paying for college poses to them and their families. The lack of financial aid available to undocumented students as a result of their residency status has left higher education financially out-of-reach for many. This guide is the result of a collaborative effort by individuals who work and advocate for student’s postsecondary access. It provides a comprehensive resource detailing the law, history of relevant legislation, immigration definitions and resources, important information about applying for college, tips on succeeding in college including funding their education, and providing the motivation and examples of students like them who have succeeded.



undocumented students, student financial aid, federal aid, Education, Higher--California