Case Study on Worksite Health and Wellness Program for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers

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National Surface Transportation Safety Center for Excellence


Due to the elevated prevalence of overweight and obesity in the transportation industry and the risks that accompany obesity, a health and wellness (H&W) program at a leading trucking organization was initiated to reduce obesity and the associated risks. In 2008 Schneider National Inc. (SNI), along with United Healthcare (UHC) and Atlas Ergonomics, launched a company-wide, voluntary H&W Program with their employees. Atlas is a leading ergonomic service and technology provider for healthcare, office, and transportation environments. Since the H&W Program launched in 2008, UHC and Atlas have worked with SNI to offer health and wellness programs, ergonomic and injury prevention services, on-site physical therapy and health screens, and overall wellness coaching to approximately 17,000 company-insured employees, including commercial drivers, at twelve SNI operating centers across the U.S. and Canada. Employee spouses are also eligible to enroll in the H&W Program. The purpose of this Case Study is to detail SNI’s H&W Program with Atlas Ergonomics and UHC and to evaluate the opinions, perceptions, and program satisfaction of participating drivers and program staff. The findings from this Case Study will aid in the development of recommendations for a carrier-implemented H&W program.



Commercial motor vehicles, Health, Wellness